Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Selling a Diamond, Selling Jewelry or Selling a Luxury Watch How do I know that I can trust Hamilton York Estate Buyers?

Hamilton-York Estate Buyers is among the leading diamond buyers, jewelry buyers and luxury watch buyers on the Internet. We have purchased millions and millions of dollars worth of diamonds from individuals such as you and have maintained a spotless reputation as documented by our record with the Online Better Business Bureau. An outstanding reputation is absolutely vital for our continual business success as Diamond Buyers and Jewelry Buyers on the Internet. We adhere to strict business ethics so that we can continue to purchase diamonds, jewelry, watches. coins and many other estate items from individuals without the worry of lawsuits and other problems associated with unethical business practices.

Additionally Hamilton York Estate Buyers sponsors and attends professional conferences including the American Bar Association, American Bankers Association, American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, the American College of Trust and Estate Council and several others.

How soon do I get paid once you have accepted my item?

If you are selling a large diamond and one of our representatives meets you in your bank, a direct wire transfer takes less than one hour. You are essentially paid immediately.

If you are selling a diamond which falls within our standard Jewelers Mutual Insurance Policy we will overnight payment to you via Federal Express in the form of a certified check or cash. Or if we can finalize the details prior to 3:30 EST, we can initiate a bank wire transfer into your account for the quickest form of payment.

If I choose to send you my piece of diamond jewelry, how soon will you respond to me? We ask that you notify us via e-mail or telephone once you have sent the item so we know to expect the item. We receive all packages by 12:00 PM, and call you immediately upon receipt to notify you of safe delivery.

Do I get more money if my stone is certified?

Possibly… There are many companies that certify diamonds. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) invented the grading scale for diamonds and remains the standard for Diamond Grading. Additionally, the American Gemological Society (AGS) adheres to the same strict standards as outlined by GIA.

Other certificates such as EGL (European Gemological Institute), IGI (International Gemological Institute), etc., have some value, but we do not value these as much as GIA or AGS.

Independent jewelry store appraisals or grading will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

If you give me a quote, is that pretty accurate? Our quote is accurate based on the information that you provided. A GIA or AGS certified stone is more likely to provide accurate information than a non-certified stone. Most of the time our offer falls within the range provided during our initial telephone conversation. How can I be assured that I’m getting a good deal? When you have a desire to sell a diamond, sell diamond jewelry, or sell a fine watch, Hamilton-York Estate Buyers is your best option. As International Diamond Dealers with buy/sell resources throughout the world, we are constantly aware of the international market for the items that we purchase.

Our business is based on a high volume, low mark-up structure. We have an on-going need to purchase merchandise for immediate re-sale. Our business structure mandates that we are aggressive diamond buyers to continually purchase diamonds and diamond jewelry from individuals such as you, and that we provide offers that are fair and generous to our clients! We have been told numerous times that our offers are the highest.

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