How we Purchase Jewelry

When you wish to Sell Jewelry there are several factors which affect the price you will be paid. While the quality of the diamonds and other gemstones in the piece is always important, the condition and style of the jewelry is also quite important. Certain styles of jewelry are no longer very desirable, so this type of merchandise is typically figured for the melt value of the precious metal the jewelry is fabricated from and the value of the individual stones used in the jewelry.

An exception to estimating value simply based on the sum of the components, is if the item is a “signed” piece such as Tiffany & Co., Cartier, Van Cleef and Arpels, or other important brand names. These signed pieces are typically more of a limited production and therefore much more desirable and worth more money.

The condition of the item is also important as a piece of fashionable jewelry that was rarely worn can easily be re-polished to bring it back to a new like condition. On the other hand, if a piece of jewelry needs a lot of restoration, it may not be worth it to the Jewelry Buyer to invest the time and money to restore the piece of jewelry.

Hamilton York Estate Diamond and Jewelry Buyers looks at each piece of jewelry as a unique item and determine the market for that item. This is part of our valuation process to ensure that we pay our customers the most we can when they wish to sell jewelry.

Sell Jewelry In Excess of $25,000.00

Hamilton York Estate Buyers is a Global Leader in Buying fine Estate Jewelry Collections. We provide our clients with the safest and most immediate purchasing procedures in the industry.  Additionally all correspondence and transactions are held in strict confidence and shared with no one.

When you or your clients wish to sell jewelry,  simply call us toll free for an immediate consultation. Alternatively, you can fill out the “Sell Jewelry” form included on this website and after reviewing the information we will call and provide our best estimate of value to you. If you wish to sell several pieces of jewelry, please fill out the form as many times as needed and we will review each item individually.

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After the consultation, we will meet you in your hometown bank, attorney’s office or other safe and suitable location for inspection of your merchandise. Upon agreeing on the final price we simply wire transfer funds to the bank account of your choice. This is an immediate process and only after your banker assures you the funds are securely in your account do we take possession of the merchandise.

To Sell Jewelry For Values under $25,000.00

We work on relatively low percentages, so when our clients have an item which financially does not allow for overnight travel, we provide a fully insured, overnight shipping kit for sending the merchandise to us for immediate purchase.

Based on the information that you originally submitted on the Sell Jewelry form online and information gathered during our phone conversation, we will provide you with a value range for your item. If you are interested in selling within this range, we will provide the details of sending the item to us at our expense or send you our “Shipping Kit” for you to return the item to us. Over the years we have had millions and millions of dollars worth of diamonds, jewelry and watches sent to us for immediate purchase. There is no cost or obligation on your part whatsoever for you to submit information to us and furthermore, there is no cost or obligation for you to send us your diamond jewelry for our appraisal consultation and cash offer.

Upon receipt of your jewelry we call you immediately to notify you of safe delivery. We then videotape the opening of your package to document the contents and then submit them to our laboratory specialists for cleaning, weighing and grading.

Later that same afternoon, we call you with our best cash offer. If you accept, we overnight funds to you. If we cannot come to an agreement, we overnight the item back to you. Again, there is no cost whatsoever to you and your item is insured throughout the entire process.

If you wish to sell jewelry please fill out our Sell Jewelry form. Please include the best description possible in the box where indicated. We will call you within the next few days to discuss buying your  jewelry as well as our best cash estimate.

Additionally, we are also interested in purchasing precious metals such as platinum, white and yellow gold in any form… chains, bracelets, class rings, etc… broken or not!

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